13 October – Kremlin Insider: Putin’s birthday gifts included 1 million tiny soldiers that Yuri Kovalchuk had bought in June that he called “Mobilization.” A million puppets for the puppet commander.

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! A week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his birthday and, as usual, accepted gifts. The offerings were not as numerous as in previous years, but still, the admirers remained, there are not a few of them, and their desire to bestow gifts on the elderly dictator has not diminished. An interesting article about birthday gifts for Putin was released by the Dossier Center. For our part, we will tell about one, but very interesting and really impressive present to Putin from his best friend Yuri Kovalchuk. We have repeatedly told that Kovalchuk loves and knows how to make extraordinary gifts to the President of Russia. This time, Yuri Kovalchuk did not let us down and presented Putin with a million-strong army as one of the gifts. Exactly one million toy soldiers, up to three centimeters high each, arranged in numerous layers in a huge transparent package. Each of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is individually performed and does not duplicate each other, several types of troops and with a corresponding imitation of equipment and weapons, with insignia, different ranks, in proportion to the composition and quantity from private to major general. The name of the composition is noteworthy – “Mobilization”, but the most interesting thing is that Yuri Kovalchuk made an order for the manufacture of a toy army of “mobilized” as early as June 11 of this year. Putin really liked the gift and warmly thanked his friend, who once again cheered him up.
Kovalchuk understands Putin better than anyone else and knows perfectly well his attitude towards the Russian army and the people of Russia. People who fight and die at the front at the request of Putin are perceived by the president precisely as “soldiers”, who were presented by Kovalchuk in great numbers. He (Putin) is a puppeteer-commander, the initiator of epochal battles and battles, seizures and annexations, and the people he leads are toys, consumables, inanimate beings that are created for his Game and who are not sorry. So, what a gift, by the way, yes, and, of course, Kovalchuk knew that mobilization would come sooner or later, and when placing an order back in June, he did not fail.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

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