Expat New Englander. BA UMass Amherst. Political Science. Int’l Relations,   中文 Minors. JD, Univ. Hawaii Law Sch. Liberal. Still have my Kennedy Johnson Button.  Political activism is not a right, it’s a responsibility.

Currently monitoring two wars. Russian invasion of Europe currently limited to Transnistria, Georgia and Ukraine.  And the war against Daesh, aka ISIL aka ISIS.

No part of this page should be construed as providing legal advice of any kind.

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  1. Dear Tim (Timothy),

    I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your sincere support. I read all tweets you wrote about me. You have a great observation capability. Chapeau bas (as we say in French, or respect, in English). It is amazing that from all people, it is you who stood up for me despite a past misunderstanding. This proves your great character not mine.
    I intended to write more but not in public, unfortunately I do not know how to reach you. I do hope we can exchange in a different form. If you decide otherwise, I would still respect your decision, pay you my respect and remain grateful.
    Very respectfully and amicably,
    Joumana Gebara

    1. Hi. A twitter friend alerted me to your issue with Twitter Support so I let them know my thoughts. It would be hard to imagine how your posts violated the rules. I hope you get reinstated. You can use this to contact me or we can exchange emails that we agree to keep from being made public. I have used protonmail for confidential mail and it seems ok.

      I’m glad you contacted me.


  2. I live in Surprise AZ next to Luke Air Force Base.I is the training facility for the F35. Six years ago they had a handful of planes, email me for more info

  3. IMO You are an admitted member of a white supremacist organization. If you want to use my page, don’t use an anonymous account. I’ll be happy to discuss the GOP as a hate group with a real person, but not a Russian bot. So if you’re not one take off your mask. Or hood.

  4. Mr. Hogan,

    You briefly touched on this. I think it’s what Trump has been covering up with his “Send her back” nonsense. This is the smoking gun — proof of his treason that’s even worse than that displayed in Helsinki:


    I’m a longtime fan of yours but don’t have a Twitter account. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

  5. Tim,

    I really appreciate all your insights and activism on Twitter, always look forward to your posts. Also your stories about your past are incredible, you could write a book alone about them.



  6. Hi Tim – I love your analysis and information on twitter – you have taught me so much -yours is one of the few I check everyday !! So I was excited today to get your views on this impeachment court inquiry- only to find out you had blocked me?? I have no idea why – I usually only retweet your tweets or thank you for your posts. If I did anything to offend you somehow inadvertently I am really sorry! My twitter account is @njmomofboys would you consider unblocking me? I dont want to watch these impeachment court stuff without your insights. Im just a mom I have no connections to anything. Thanks for your consideration.

      1. You have a BotCheck polarization score that is at the extreme end of the scale. New account in my feed. And anonymous. Those factors I considered after I checked you when something in your post prompted me to check your account.

      2. I have never had or I do I have a bit. I kind of remember them on IRC channels. I don’t know what the polarization score is. I do have a VPN. I started following you about 2 months ago. There was an interesting thread I caught. I started following you and someone else. He was a neat guy. He was more anti Pelosi than me, if that rings any bells.

        At that this point you have my name & address, looks like even a pic of the Post Office we live next to. As far as I can tell you deal in facts. I like facts. Maybe viewpoints mean more to me. 200 years ago scientists in the West (not exactly the most religious) could not conceive of extinction. Evolution was just as and independently unreal. I believe in Science and starting with a null hypothesis.

        So now you know more about me. I hope I have assuaged your fears.

        Oh I do know a little Russian. My partner & I met in a Russian House at the University of Kentucky. She had the room next to mine. Ну я знаю толка немножко русский язык.

        Although I would have loved to work in Новосибирск, 3rd biggest city in Russia and my degree was in Computer Science, we ended up in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and then the little town of Saint Peter, MN. Life can be strange.

        Баста, до свидания.

  7. Tim would you consider unblocking me? I am a real person and a registered Democrat in NJ @njmomofboys

  8. Mr. Hogan,

    Do you think Lawrence O’Donnell’s scoop on the loan documents is intended to inform certain Supreme Court justices that trashing the rule of law to protect trump won’t work because the truth will come out anyway?

    I’m a longtime fan of yours but don’t have a Twitter account. Thanks so much for sharing your insights.

  9. I’ve been enjoying reading your comments on Kurds and impeachment

    Is there a secure email that I could write to you with some questions that I wish to discuss?


    1. I do have an encrypted email account but I don’t generally give it out. If you want to discuss, DM me on Twitter. @TiminHonolulu. Let me know your handle. If it’s too secret for that I probably don’t want to be involved. This is my hobby. For my professional work if I were to have a client with needs to remain encrypted, I generally use my Exchange server account with an email encryption certificate, not one of those free email services.

  10. Hi Tim


    I been busy with my own issues as an activists. Actually, I been under cyber attack and had to report it to law enforcement. I like you, grew up on East Coast. One relative managed the three race tracks on the East Coast, another as special counsel to Sec. of Commerce in Kennedy admin and I spent time at WH. Another was architect for Catholic cathedral in Wash D.C. ad Naval Academy

    During the 2016, I got great mileage in my postings that reasonated with voters and angst among the gop, by using the label ‘GOP Taliban’. God they really hate that label. Similar to gop labels using Hillary emails, Obama, Benghazi, Seth Rich, etc. Effective tactic the other side uses is to demonize a term. Once a label has become demonize, frame it in any sentence and the negative emotion will transfer over to that situation or on that person.

    This is why I am pissed off at dems for allowing the gop to hijack the slogan “Right to Life” to manipulate Christians…sheeple…and the msm in order to gain control over a huge voter base. It’s not about the ‘Right to Life’. Actually, the GOP opposes the ‘Right to Life’ in its proper terminology. The correct terminology or usage is the ‘Right to be Born’. That’s it. The GOP defunds any program that gives that child a chance to live after birth.

    Right to life is a term that Catholic Church uses to mean from cradle to grave. So that legislative actions to deny healthcare, affordable housing, food stamps, snap, a liveable wage, medicare, assisted elderly care are actions denying the Right to Life from birth.

    Poor strategy among the dems for not bringing up the financial costs to society as result of banning abortion. I am against abortion. However never in this discussion or slogan tossing, do the dems ever attack the GOP on issue as to cost to society. The one question that should be asked each ad evverytime. You want to ban abortion, grwat, then tell me, who is going to take care of the babies once they are born? You cannot argue one without the other. So does that mean the GOP is going to fund pre-natal care, medical, hospital costs, food, clothing, housing, daycare, jobs for all the teens who get pregnant and have no job, no healthcare, no means to take care of their baby once born. What about those babies born with serious medical issues? Why is the dem misding these issues. Why is MSM not raising these issues??

    How can the GOP argue and scream about funding such programs amounts to ‘socialism’ when in effect it amounts to maintaing the right to life as a result of banning abortion. This needs to be rammed down the throat of evangelicals.

    If the GOP value life so much then why did they outsource most of our mfg jobs, our technology, to a pro-abortion, anti-God, communist country when they could have exported the cost of manufacturing to our allies in Central and South America, OAS. Then we could have built a prosperous hemisphere among our Right to Life Catholic brothers and sisters and avoid the migration issues caused by extreme poverty and neglect. So it is hypocrisy to scream socialism at the dems when the GOP are willing to embrace the communism of our adversary. So many slogans that dems are missing.

    From a purely evangelical point of view, the Right to Life violates scripture in so far that it prohibits imthis issue to only the Jewish religion and NT Christians. MSM religious editors really are a sad bunch for analyzing Christian doctrine. It must be stated pubically anyone condemning people outside of Christian faith is totally forbidden by scripture. In the NT God came not to judge the world nor condemn the world but to bring salvation to the world. The NT is clear there is only one judge and lawgiver as Jame said, who are you to judge? Paul clearly states that we are not to judge those outside the church We are to judge those inside the church as judgment begins first with the household of God.

    Futhermore, pew research, gallup poll, barna group shows that there is no difference between the behavior between secular society and Christianity.

    This was made clear by a missionary Baptist preacher from Heart Cry Missions by the name Paul Washer, who gave a sermon to 5000 youth attending the annual Southern Baptist convention back in early 2000’s that went viral across the internet. He is quite literally correct in his interpreation of scripture which went counter to basic Baptist doctrine and aligned to some extent with Catholic doctrine

    I’ll get off my soap box

    If you have a chance, appreciate if you could get word to obiterdictum101 that Sarah is being targeted by the gop through their right wings groups.


  11. Any idea why #TrumpVirus hasn’t been trending every day since January? It’s more descriptive, pronounceable and memorable — at least in the U.S. — than SARS-CoV-2 is. It’s accurate too.

    Love you, Tim, and hope you and yours are well.

    1. Yup, I understand all that, I guess a better question would have been, are you from BROCKTON MA? Now, I know I’m a bit older than you, but I went to school with a bunch of Hogan’s in Brockton. I may have gone with parents, aunts or uncles.

      Thanks for the reply Dick Bergeron


  12. I suspect we had the same speech pathologist (I attended Walker Elementary in the late ’60s). She was young and had long brown hair, but I can’t remember her name. In addition to helping me with my R’s, she told me that “Hey is for horses,” which I found pretty clever. She also taught me a very useful lesson about overcoming adversity with effort — and also the value of expertise. My best regular teacher at Walker was Mrs. Houston (second grade).

  13. You misunderstand crypto. Anyone with a computer can “mine/create” bitcoin. It has no intrinsic value. To use the bitcoin requires – essentially – using an exchange, like FTX. It is like finding a gold nugget and exchanging at the assayer office for, say, silver – or specie. There is no first instance issuer.

    FTX, however, did start “printing” its own crypto which I believe it used to get loans or equity investments to pay expenses and pay early depositors on request, either in specie or a different crypto. Classic Ponzi.

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