1. Tried to post the link to this statement by Kurdish Communities Union #KCK that includes the #PYD but Twitter is blocking the site. Here is the text of the statement. IMO very different in form and content. #TwitterKurds #Iraq #Syria

The Executive Council Co-Presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) accused the KDP of war partnership with Turkey and backing the invasion in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement published by KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency on Sunday includes the following:

“The KDP has recently begun an operation aimed at encircling the guerrilla areas. This operation comes as the fighting between the guerrilla and the Turkish occupying state is intensifying and as the Turkish army finds itself in a hopeless situation. As a result of the KDP operation, there have been skirmishes between KDP special forces and the guerrilla. This stance of the KDP means that the KDP is openly participating in the war alongside the Turkish state. Their joint warfare, which has been covert until now, has now come out in the open. With this decision, the KDP is trying to save the Turkish state, its partner, from defeat. This is exactly what the KDP’s decision to surround the guerrilla areas means.

Today, the Turkish state and the KDP pursue a common goal. Their joint warfare is a result of this common goal. It is their common goal to wage a war to drive the guerrilla out of areas where it has been for 40 years, to crush the guerrilla and thus prevent it from continuing its struggle for freedom against the Turkish state. There is no difference whatsoever between the Turkish state’s occupation attacks and the KDP’s encirclement of the guerrilla areas. Only the roles that both play in these attacks are different. The Turkish state is the hammer, while the KDP plays the role of the anvil.

In the past, the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) has repeatedly called on the KDP to end its encirclement policy. However, due to an agreement with the Turkish state, the KDP has refused to do so. Today, its role is to intervene in the war between the guerrilla and the Turkish state during its most critical phase and to thus strengthen the weakened Turkish state. This support for the anti-Kurdish, genocidal colonizer will go down as a great mistake in Kurdish history. Taking such a step while at the same time talks have been held between the KDP and us to discuss the existing problems means nothing more than deceiving our movement and carrying out a conspiracy against it.

It is clear that encircling the guerrilla areas and isolating them from each other is tantamount to an open declaration of war against the guerrilla. It has now become clear that the recent statement by KDP representative Fazıl Mirani that war against the guerrilla could ensue was a preparation for this very step. The KDP alone is responsible for all fighting and loss of life that may result.

The entire Kurdish public is aware that the Turkish state has been carrying out occupation attacks against the Medya Defense Zones for a long time. Against these attacks, the guerrilla is putting up a selfless and spectacular resistance. Today, NATO’s second largest army has occupied a few points along the border and has stalled there. With their new way of warfare and their new tactics, the guerrilla has succeeded in making the Turkish army’s technical means and warfare capability come to naught. Despite this fact, the KDP today equates the occupation by the Turkish state and the resistance of the guerrillas. It uses a language that places even greater blame on the guerrillas than on the occupation by the Turkish state. Mesrur Barzani, who uses every opportunity within the KDP to prove his PKK-hostility, has not yet called on the parliament in Erbil to take a stance against the occupation. Meanwhile, he has called on the parliament to take a stance against the guerrillas. This clearly shows the nature of his mentality and politics. It is obvious that this is not a Kurdish mentality, policy and attitude.

The PKK has repeatedly proven that it protects South Kurdistan. Therefore, no one can question the PKK’s role as the protecting power of South Kurdistan. When Daesh was at the gates of Erbil, the guerrilla intervened. Mesud Barzani thanked the guerrillas directly at the time and at the same time accused Turkey of not providing any help against the Daesh attacks. Today, despite this fact, blaming the guerrillas who are resisting against the occupation by the Turkish state means nothing else than distorting the facts. Instead of supporting the guerrilla, the Turkish state is being supported. This is – to put it very mildly – a historic mistake.

It is the duty of the political forces and the parliament of South Kurdistan to take a stance against the occupation by the Turkish state and to urge the Turkish state to leave Kurdistan immediately. Instead of doing this, the Turkish state and the guerrilla are being equated with each other and the guerrilla is being urged to stop its resistance and withdraw from its areas of resistance. This only serves the Turkish state’s policy of crushing our Freedom Movement and of carrying out a genocide against the Kurds.

It is the task of all Kurdish intellectuals, artists, politicians, democratic institutions and the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan to take a stance against these attacks of the KDP. It is their task to call upon the entire Kurdish people and all political forces to take a common stance against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state. The current phase represents a historic turning point for the Kurdish people. If a united stance is taken against the anti-Kurdish, genocidal and colonialist Turkish state, a hopeful and free future awaits the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan. But if there is no common stance and united struggle against these genocidal attacks, all four parts of Kurdistan will face massive dangers. Every Kurd must recognize this danger and act according to their historical responsibility.

On the day that the KDP began its encirclement operation of the guerrilla areas with the support of Turkish warplanes, the Turkish state bombed the Maxmur refugee camp with an armed drone. This also constitutes a result of the policy of the Turkish state and the KDP, which they are pursuing together against the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom. For two years now, the KDP has been subjecting Maxmur to an embargo, while Turkish warplanes have been bombing the encircled camp. With the embargo, the KDP is playing the role of an anvil here as well. The KDP’s encirclement of this camp of political refugees gives the Turkish state the legitimacy and support it needs for its attacks.

The inhabitants of Maxmur have always refused to accept the oppression and the village guard system of the Turkish state. They have insisted on a free Kurdistan and therefore had to flee to South Kurdistan. The Turkish state has extended its oppression and attacks on the people in North Kurdistan to Maxmur as well. For the same reasons that it attacks the people in North Kurdistan, it also attacks Maxmur. Therefore, all Kurds, no matter where they are, must support the people of Maxmur, who have been living under the most difficult conditions for decades and have always refused to give up their Kurdish identity, freedom and honorable attitude. All Kurds everywhere must rise up against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state. It is time to fight and resist everywhere against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state.

The entire Kurdish people, all its political forces and democratic institutions everywhere must take a stance against the KDP`s decision to stand side by side with the genocidal, occupying Turkish state. They must all support the struggle of the guerrilla against the occupiers in the most determined way. The Kurdish youth and women everywhere must fight in the front line against the anti-Kurdish, occupying and genocidal forces, mobilize the whole society and thus fulfill their historical role.

No matter how strong the attacks and how great the obstacles, as long as the resistance is upheld, the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom will definitely achieve a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East. All this is imminent. Our joint resistance everywhere will ensure that all this becomes a reality even faster.”