The three #Marines charged in the attack on the Capitol were likely known to the @FBI as far back as August 2021 when a search warrant was issued to @Facebook. They’re only charged with misdemeanors. Stick a pin in this one. @maddow @lawrence

I have believed for months that the plan involved a military operation that required the deployment of heavily armed National Guard forces over which FPOTUS would have overall command. He would hand off tactical command to Scott Perry who is a former Army National Guard General.

There would have been a need to have other persons like communications, logistics and other skills to operate the technical elements of the Coup. I don’t know what these Marines did but would watch for those sorts of specialties. The FBI has likely known about these Marines for over 18 months and issued at least one search warrant in August 2021. The docket of these cases shows a missing docket number 2 that could be another search warrant.

Jack Smith may have gotten everything he needs from any ongoing surveillance of these three and by only charging them with misdemeanors he’s leaving these young Marines with a chance to save themselves from long prison terms.

Here are the relevant documents. These are misdemeanors and the first defendant to appear in DC, Joshua Abate, was released with no entry regarding any bail or conditions and the docket evidences he has retained counsel. I think there’s a good chance that Abate is going to flip. The other two charged were arrested and have to be transferred. Coomer was arrested in California and Hellonen was arrested in North Carolina. Why charge them in the same complaint? Does that evidence a possible conspiracy charge?

Criminal Complaint

Affidavit in Support of Complaint