Internet Research Agency indictment refers to “Defendants and their co-conspirators” over a 100 times.

Link to Internet Research Agency Indictment

Went back to look at it again. Its substantive crime is aggravated identity theft, 18 USC §1028A.  That statute requires one of a list of underlying federal crimes.  They cite wire  and bank fraud.

The “defendants” were all Russian persons as far as I can tell.  I think “their co-conspirators” are going to be primarily US persons.  Surely the people at the top of  Trump campaign and any GOP ground game workers who assisted the Russians in rally organization are obvious subjects.  In my view, this count of the indictment could be  include seeking to incite violence at rallies done, primarily, by unregistered Russian foreign agents.  I would be concerned as a US person co-conspirator to be charged as one who “levies war against” the United States.  I don’t think you get bail for that one.

Do you think the Trump Putin team was dumb enough to use traceable email and cell phones?  Remind me?  Who was Donald Trump’s first pick for cyber security tsar?  Oh! Yeah.   It was Rudy Giuliani.