Reza #Zarrab files motion to dismiss superseding indictment.

Link to motion: 20160718 (63) Motion to Dismiss Superseding Indictment


Reza Zarrab files motion to suppress evidence in NYC. #TwitterKurds

Reza Zarrab filed a motion to suppress the evidence obtained from his iphone and the resulting “fruit of the poisoned tree.”  Here is the Motion and his Affidavit.

20160718 (62) Zarrab Suppression Motion

20160708 (62-1) Zarrab Affidavit


Copy of complaint filed by #MarieColvin’s family against #Syrian Regime

Here is the complaint and an exhibit filed with it.

201600709 (1) Complaint

Exhibit A

The case is brought under a U.S. law that permits suits against terrorist states, like Syria, that would usually be barred by sovereign immunity.

Here is a link to it.

28 U.S. Code § 1605A – Terrorism exception to the jurisdictional immunity of a foreign state