In Mazars DC Subpoena appeal, Trump files motion to set expedited briefing but it’s really just a stalling tactic. Here’s the motion and some analysis.

20190522 Joint motion for briefing


The House has agreed to the briefing.  It may signal the Circuit that it may resolve.  Normally you would address the stay issue first.  IMO a request to have the case in chief heard on expedited basis and, if that is denied in the next 7 days (when the agreed stay expires) gives Trump’s position more validity than it deserves. But if the House thinks this works then fine.

I  won’t be surprised if the DC circuit simply denies all of this without briefing and tell them to file the stay motion with #SCOTUS. There really isn’t much a record and the case and these outrages must be addressed immediately.

From page two of the motion.

If the Court denies this joint motion to expedite, within seven days Plaintiff-
Appellants will file an emergency motion to stay the district court’s judgment pending appeal. The Committee, through counsel for the House of Representatives, agrees to suspend the time for production set by the subpoena until that motion is decided and, if it is denied, until seven days thereafter. Mazars agrees not to produce any documents in response to the subpoena during that period.

The court could address this motion as the request for a stay and deny it and send to CJ John Roberts.


1. House Judiciary GOP loose cannon Doug Collins released nine secret transcripts. Here they all are.

6.21.18 Giacalone Interview_Redacted

8.24.18 Moffa Interview_Redacted DJ

10.23.18 Moyer Interview_Redacted DJ

12.21.17 McCabe Interview_Redacted

081618 Toscas Transcript_Redacted

083118 Anderson Interview_Redacted

092818 Sweeney Interview_Redacted

Lynch Interview 12-19-18

Rybicki 011818 Interveiw_Redacted


All nine in one pdf.