In #SDNY USA files op to NY Times motion to unseal Cohen files. LINK. @maddow @lawrence @maddowblog

20181025 (14) USA op to NY Times


IMO #Mueller has arrested #Khusyaynova. My analysis with documents. @Maddow @lawrence @msnbc @AP

The Criminal Complaint was filed on September 28, 2018 with the detailed Affidavit in Support.  

At the same time the Govt filed its Motion to Seal that was granted.

Then on October 1, 2018, the Govt filed a Motion for Amended Order to Seal motion to amended the order sealing the docket to permit them to

“disseminate copies of and information about these documents to other U.S. federal agencies, foreign authorities, and victims, in order to execute the arrest warrant, coordinate federal government and law enforcement activity prior to unsealing, and provide information to victims.”

That motion for an amended order was granted.

Then 18 days later the court unseals the docket.

In my opinion they got wind that she was going to leave Russia and they have her in custody. I’d give it 75% likelihood.

Here are the other documents I pulled including the docket.

20181001 (9) Order granting Motion for Amended order to seal

20181019 (11) Order unsealing


Cover sheet