Filed order: A judge on this Court has made a sua sponte request that a vote be taken as to whether the order issued by the three judge motions panel on February 9, 2017, should be reconsidered en banc. A sua sponte en banc call having been made, the parties are instructed to file simultaneous briefs setting forth their respective positions on whether this matter should be reconsidered en banc.

LINK TO ORDER  20170210-13-order-on-en-banc

9th Cir. “We therefore conclude that the States have alleged harms to their proprietary interests traceable to the Executive Order. The necessary connection can be drawn in at most two logical steps: (1) the Executive Order prevents nationals of seven countries from entering Washington and Minnesota; (2) as a result, some of these people will not enter state universities, some will not join those universities as faculty, some will be prevented from performing research, and some will not be permitted to return if they leave. And we have no difficulty concluding that the States’ injuries would be redressed if they could obtain the relief they ask for: a declaration that the Executive Order violates the Constitution and an injunction barring its enforcement. The Government does not argue otherwise. “

UPDATED Accessing Hearing Audio #Trump Muslim #Travelban Case from the 9th Circuit Court Clerk The previous order regarding live streaming of the oral argument scheduled for February 7, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. PST is clarified as follows: Because the hearing will be conducted telephonically, the stream is audio only and there will be no courtroom proceedings or associated video feed. Here is the URL of the hearing audio. I’ve also created a link.