12 October – Kremlin Insider: How Putin catfished and recruited Elon Musk as an unregistered foreign agent and another delayed nuclear test.

GENERALL SVR, [10/12/2022 8:01 PM]
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! When Elon Musk and Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov claim that Putin and Musk have not communicated lately, both are telling the truth, but one thinks he is lying. According to our data, Elon Musk did communicate with a person whom he perceived as Russian President Vladimir Putin. About a month ago, Sergei Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, during a report, told Putin that Elon Musk was looking for an opportunity to talk with the president. Putin then unequivocally spoke out against communication, but Kiriyenko suggested the following option: with Putin’s permission, a person who will impersonate the president of Russia and try to convince Musk of the correctness of the positions of the Russian leadership, making him (Mask) practically an agent of influence, not only to the millionth audience of ordinary people of Elon’s fans, but also to the American establishment. At the same time, it was planned to take an “honest word of honor” from Musk that the conversation would be confidential and the very fact of it would not be made public. Arguing the safety of such a contact, Kiriyenko suggested that in the event that the fact of the conversation was made public, it should be explained that it was a prank to which the President of Russia had nothing to do. Putin agreed and even approved a number of topics and arguments that a person speaking on behalf of Putin should speak to Musk. According to our information, the conversation took place, Musk discussed, or rather listened to, the positions and threats to the world of the man who spoke on behalf of Putin and promised to think about what he heard. Musk was promised that if the fact of the conversation remained a secret, then contacts would continue. Putin was provided with a recording of the conversation and he was pleased not only with what he heard, but also with Musk’s reaction to the conversation. Moreover, Kiriyenko’s plans were to use several Western opinion leaders in this way to form the “correct” agenda and put pressure on the leadership of several European countries and the United States. Putin is waging war not only at the front, but also in the minds of people who are ready to help him win.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

GENERALL SVR, [10/12/2022 11:17 PM]
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday were canceled underground tests of nuclear weapons, which were supposed to take place at 23:30 Moscow time in the Arkhangelsk region. The preparation of the tests took place in strict secrecy. Last night, Putin was informed about the need to postpone the date and time of the test, allegedly they did not have time to properly prepare. This is the second time a nuclear test has been postponed in the last two weeks.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

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