10 & 11 October – Kremlin Insider: Putin already shifting blame for his terror raids to his generals and the bloodthirsty elite. Future strikes likely limited due to a lack of missiles. Sabotage of universally hated General Surovikin by the Russian military has begun.

10 October

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Already on Sunday evening, Russian President Vladimir Putin, after talking with several permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, removed the discussion of the issue of agreeing on the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons from the agenda and decided on a “massive missile strike” on Ukraine. Against the backdrop of constant failures at the front, the explosion and collapse of part of the Crimean bridge, a symbol of the realization of Putin’s imperial ambitions, of course, demanded a “response” and, preferably, immediately. At the time of choosing the “response” Putin considered only three options. The first, indistinct, is to launch several missile strikes on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and on a symbolic “decision-making center”, for example, the parliament building. The second, massive missile attack on civilian and energy infrastructure and on the buildings of the “decision-making center”, which was accepted, BUT in some “miraculous” way, not a single missile hit any of the planned symbolic buildings, or Ukrainian air defense worked out according to these missiles, or the missiles went way past the target. The third and final warning is an ultimatum (approved by the Security Council), which should be followed by a strike with low-yield tactical nuclear weapons on bridges across the Dnieper. The second option was accepted as “optimal”, and for a short time solving two main tasks: “the mob,” as Putin calls his “nuclear” electorate, and ultra-patriots, get satisfaction from revenge for the trampled symbol and continue to believe in the Great Victory, and the elites , who do not fully understand the state of affairs (there are many of them), are ready to be deceived and calm down for a while, to observe the agony of the regime. It must be said right away that a massive missile strike is a one-time action that does not have real consequences, and has a short-term effect, mainly informational. And of course, this action can be repeated several times with approximately the same “success”, but with a fading effect. The Russian leadership DOES NOT have the ability to deliver constant massive missile strikes, due to the insufficient number of “high-precision” missiles. This is known to the military leadership, to which Putin shifted responsibility for yesterday’s attack on Ukraine and, of course, all of Putin’s entourage.
Putin has already lost the war, there is practically nothing to fight with. The escalation that the Russian leadership is embarking on is senseless and criminal and will lead to more victims among, above all, the Russian military. The hope that Ukraine or Europe will “freeze” and beg Putin for peace on any terms is untenable – this is propaganda nonsense for completely outright idiots. Throwing corpses at poorly dressed and weakly armed “mobiles” is generally beyond the bounds of reasonable understanding, and it won’t be enough for a long time, and the second wave of mobilization is a big question. Belarus, if it enters the war on the side of Russia, which is highly doubtful, will exhaust its reserves in less than a month and a half. The war is lost and Putin knows about it, knows the General Staff, knows the Ministry of Defense, knows all the leadership of law enforcement agencies. Every day of the continuation of the war for Putin and the Russian leadership is worse than a crime, it is a mistake.

11 October

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin held several operational meetings with representatives of the leadership of the military and power blocs. During the discussion of the process of “partial” mobilization, Putin approved the proposal of the Ministry of Defense to make the second wave of mobilization “fan”. According to the plan, the second wave of conscription will take place alternately overlapping, so, several constituent entities of the Russian Federation announce the beginning of the second wave, then, in a couple of days, several more are announced, followed by another and so on until it covers most of the subjects, and then the third wave is launched. It is noteworthy that for the second wave of mobilization, it was decided to launch mainly those subjects that coped with the first wave better than others and will practically not disturb problem areas where draft quotas will be minimal. The fact that there is practically nothing for the mobilized to equip and arm does not particularly bother anyone. Lukashenka promised that some of the equipment, in a big secret, so as not to be forced to fight, would be produced from “old stocks”, some by a secret state order within a few months, but this does not solve the problem at all. As for weapons, the same Lukashenka promised to give away most of the stockpiles, but for the warring Russian army this is “a drop in the ocean.” Putin is determined to throw ill-equipped corpses at the front, don’t care about the consequences!

Putin discussed with representatives of the leadership of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense the results of missile strikes on Ukraine over two days, and approved the decision to continue shelling Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, using fewer scarce missiles, preferring drones, giving the impression of constant pressure. It is supposed to inflict from three to fifteen strikes almost daily, mass strikes, if necessary, additionally coordinate with the president, such is the plan for the next week. Also, Putin is already demanding to show a tangible effect from mobilization in the next two weeks, meaning at least a partial seizure of previously lost territories. Putin said that he didn’t even want to hear about the loss of new territories. The mood in the General Staff is the most gloomy, to fulfill the wishes of the “great tactician”, who drove the army “in the ass” and demands to go deeper, no one burns with an ardent desire. Surovikin, who was previously disliked in the General Staff, after being “promoted” is generally despised, and orders are sabotaged.
Putin, in the Russian manner, gave the order to the generals to “cut a bootleg out of a flea” and is waiting for the result, counting on their ingenuity. Everything would be fine, but by the New Year, in addition, several tens of thousands of corpses, young and not very young, men, for the sake of the ambitions of Putin who has lost his mind, Surovikin organizes, maybe more, as it goes.

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