9 October – Kremlin Insider: Putin fears the Bridge was an inside job. Planned the attack on cities at rush hour to kill as many civilians as possible.

GENERALL SVR, [10/9/2022 8:01 PM]
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Russian President Vladimir Putin learned about the explosion on the Crimean bridge, followed by a partial collapse and fire on the railway part of this bridge, about 20 minutes after the incident. Putin was awakened and told the most unpleasant news. The president received reports on what was happening for several hours until a more or less clear picture was determined. The version that the explosion on the bridge was “the work of the Ukrainian special services” was the main one from the very beginning, but it immediately became clear that without the assistance (or criminal negligence, which is not clearer) of the Russian special services, the matter could not have done. In mid-September, FSB director Alexander Bortnikov addressed the president with an urgent proposal to agree on the replacement of the leadership of several services and departments of the FSB. Bortnikov made the main emphasis on problems with the leadership of the second service of the FSB, the CIB of the FSB, and the leadership of several territorial departments. Bortnikov also reported a high level of terrorist threat in several subjects. Putin then postponed the adoption of a decision on coordination, apparently based on some of his own reasons, agreeing only to minor rotations in the FSB CIB. A few days before the incident on the Crimean bridge, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, during a visit to Crimea, said that local authorities should increase the level of countering terrorism. The same proposal was formulated to Putin and Patrushev supported Bortnikov, reminding Putin of the need to resolve pressing personnel issues in the FSB. Putin then recommended Patrushev to make specific proposals, to which Patrushev replied that the proposals had been formulated for a long time and were awaiting consideration by the president, Putin promised to sort it out soon.
The President received reports that indicated several people from the leadership of the FSB and the National Guard who could take part in organizing and preparing the explosion on the Crimean bridge. In particular, they directly point to the possible involvement of Alexei Zhalo, deputy head of the Second FSB Service.
Putin is now the last thing he wants to look for enemies within the system. The strike on the Crimean bridge, as a symbol of his geopolitical claims, worries him only in the light of “debunking” him as a “collector of Russian lands.” If you openly define the enemies within the system who encroached on the main symbol of his success, then this means signing the collapse of the system and regime. Putin’s system can be extremely monolithic.
The situation is also the same with the “response to the Ukrainian terrorists”, which was reported to Putin by the progressive senile chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. Bastrykin himself was given the text shortly before the meeting with the president, and he simply repeated what he remembered and how he could.
Putin is expected to react and he decides what to do. Last night, the permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation received warnings that the meeting could be held at any time and even at night, they had to be ready to either arrive at the meeting venue or go on air via video link. Putin has been probing the waters by video chatting with several members of the Security Council to see if they are ready to support the president’s proposal for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The proposal should have been worded in such a way that it does not mean the immediate use of nuclear weapons, but only confirms, gives consent (in the person of the permanent members of the Security Council) to the possibility of their use at any time in the event of an aggravation of the situation. And Putin was going to raise this question during the meeting of the Security Council only if all the participants in the meeting, without exception, were ready to give a positive answer. Show the next red lines and make it clear that there will be a blow next. But according to our information, among the permanent members of the Security Council there were people who, at the stage of discussion with the president of this possibility, expressed their doubts.
Putin needs to answer, but the options between “very bad,” vague, and “nuclear” are bringing the president closer to the end of his reign much faster than even before the explosion on the Crimean bridge could have been imagined.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

GENERALL SVR, [10/9/2022 9:07 PM]
Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to strike at civilian infrastructure facilities, civilian facilities in large cities of Ukraine during the morning rush hour, when there is the greatest concentration of people for the intended purposes. Putin wants to suppress resistance by terror against the civilian population. Nothing but the hatred of Ukrainians, this terror will cause, resistance in this way, of course, cannot be broken. Powerlessness and failures at the front, plus the “necessity” of an answer for the explosion on the Crimean bridge, force Putin to take a deliberately losing move. Recognition of the regime as a terrorist organization is not far off.

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