In Reza #Zarrab case, co-defendant #Atilla seeking bail. Here is the filing. #Turkey #TwitterKurds

LETTER MOTION addressed to Judge Richard M. Berman re: application for bail . Document filed by Mehmet Hakan Atilla. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A, # (2) Exhibit B)(Rocco, Victor)





Wonder why #Flynn grand jury might need an expert on espionage? I have a thought.

Meet Bijan Rafiekian.  Here Rafiekian is with NSA chief Admiral Michael S. Rogers and General Michael Flynn, Rafiekian’s ubiquitous business partner.   I wonder what the medals were for?

Rafiekian is reported be Iranian American is the business person is my “person of interest” for why they might be looking at espionage in the ED VA.

Rafiekian was also reported to have been at the meeting where former DCIA James Woolsey reported the plan to kidnap Fetulah Gulen was discussed.  That would mean that the Feds can hang a life sentence on him, like Flynn.

Makes you very talkative.

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