Who is Thomas Windom, the career prosecutor Merrick Garland tapped to investigate the run up to the attack on the Capitol? He’s a person I might pick if the planning involved domestic terrorists or if the evidence comes from intelligence intercepts.

When Rachel Maddow interviewed Alan Feuer, one of the New York Times reporters who reported on the fact that the DOJ is looking at the run up to the attack, one particular fact peaked my interest. It was an off-hand comment about Mr. Windom’s background.

Mr Feuer identified Windom’s remit as whether there was criminal activity related to the January 6th attack that took place outside of the Capitol. It sounds it could cover the White House and the planning. But the fact that caught my attention is that Windom is from the District of Maryland. I immediately looked deeper at his cases and I think he’s likely got a very high level clearance that would allow him to see FISA related materials. My suspicion is based on the fact that he’s done NSA prosecutions. Not many federal prosecutors do them. And you need special clearance to see the treasure.

All of this is in addition to the fact Windom is a very experienced prosecutor. Here is a report of the 351cases that I found his name connected with on the District of Maryland CM/ECF system.

Recently, Windom has handled high-profile domestic terrorism cases like domestic terror suspect Christopher Hasson the Coast Guard lieutenant who had planned to kill politicians and media personnel. This is in addition to his recent prosecution of a former NSA employee, Nghia Hoang Pho, for mishandling classified materials.

I have reported since January 6, 2021, that in my opinion, the event at the Capitol would have lit up the DC foreign intelligence services to intercept the cell phones around the Capitol and White House like no event in history. Once those systems started to work, the folks at Fort Meade would be watching and listening. Even if we didn’t do the spying we spy on the spies and what we can grab from them is generally admissible. And if DFG is a Russian asset, as I have suspected for years, he may have made a very big miscalculation.

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