One thought on “Link to Aleksandr Babakov, the Russian State Duma Deputy Chair’s SDNY indictment.

  1. Many thanks for all you do, Tim. Question: Have you looked into the ongoing case at The Hague arbitration court involving the seizure of Ukrainian energy assets in Crimea? There was a hearing scheduled for 21 February 2022. Natural gas rights in the Black Sea should proceed to the nations with exclusive economic zones/rights that have been established for decades. The Moscow criminals are threatening the Black Sea resources of Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine. The present violence extends the Moscow blackmail and extortion that caused Yukashenko to abruptly withdraw from years of EU negotiations and planning, against the Ukrainian legislature that had passed measures by vast majorities. You may recall Yulia Tymoshenko’s absurd imprisonment and the condition of her release being a key factor of Moscow’s disdain. All free people need to know the depth and continuity of the Moscow mafia:

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