SDNY #Zarrab case, Judge asks about Zarra’s business connections to the both the Govt of #Turkey & Govt. of #US.


Text of minute order:

ORDER as to (15-Cr-867-01) Reza Zarrab. Counsel are requested also to include in their pending submissions to the Court the following: 1. Comment (as it pertains to the Curcio hearing) with respect to the following colloquy found in the May 2, 2017 transcript: THE COURT: Then the last question from yesterday’s [May 1, 2017] order, do office holders and/or members or affiliates of the governments of the United States or Turkey do business with Mr. Zarrab and/or any of Mr. Zarrab’s affiliates? If the answer is yes, could you explain. MR. BRAFMAN: I think the answer might be yes and yet might be privileged, given the dynamics of this case in its present posture and some of the charges. THE COURT: I see. MR. BRAFMAN: But they certainly do not impact on what Mr. Giuliani’s firm does or does not do on behalf of Turkey. THE COURT: Okay. So let me take those answers under advisement and proceed with the Curcio proceeding…. (H’rg Tr, dated May 2, 2017, at 13:18-14:5); 2. Supplementation to the submissions made in response to the Court s question: “Whether Messrs. Giuliani and Mukasey and/or their firms—or any other defense counsel in this case—have also been retained by Iran, Halkbank, Turkey (apart from what already has been submitted), or the United States.” (Order, filed May 1, 2017, at 1.) The question was meant to embrace, for example, (i) work performed for President Trump’s Administration, including participation on United States commissions, such as those relating to the so-called “Muslim Ban” Executive Orders; (ii) cybersecurity projects; and (iii) work performed by Greenberg Traurig, and Debevoise & Plimpton (and other defense counsel) for the United States. These topics were not included in the affidavits of Mr. Giuliani (dated Apr. 14, 2017, and May 4, 2017) or Mr. Mukasey (dated Apr. 13, 2017, and May 3, 2017). (Signed by Judge Richard M. Berman on 5/15/2017)(bw)

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