Does @RealDonaldTrump invitation to #Erdogan mean that @Breitbartnews is finally admitting it’s pro Jihadists?

The next posts are by Hasan Açıkalın, a pro-AKP, Erdogan man.  His twitter account is

Here he gleefully praises 9/11 terrorist assault on our Homeland and Bin Laden and Mullah Omar.


This is Fatih Sahin, deputy Chair of Erdogan’s AKP welcoming Hasan Açıkalın to his office.


And here is Faith Sahin evidencing he’s a member of Erdogan’s inner circle, of anti American jihadists.

fH8VpFqM (2)

And here is where we’ll put Donald Trump’s photo showing his solidarity with the American hating, Al Qaeda loving, Erdogan, soon.

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