What might the hidden world of #Tabqa Dam have looked like before #Daesh? My best guess. #SDF

Here is a shot of Tabqa Dam.  Not sure of the date but presumably before Daesh seized it.

Somewhere in there are 8 electricity generating turbines.  My guess is the are housed in a blue water tank but that’s just a guess. I can’t confirm the structure at the lower left is a residential facility that was reported recently in action reports.


According to Wikipedia, Tabqa Dam has has eight 103 MW Kapplan turbines.

Bonneville Dam in Oregon has 20 62 MW Kapplan turbines. This photo purports to be Bonneville Dam’s turbines. I’m not sure of that. However, I think these may be how Kapplan turbines appear.

Here is what I believe is photo of the Second Powerhouse with 8 turbines like Tabqa Dam according to Wikipedia. Something like that may have been there in 2013, except, if my math is right, the Dabqa turbines would be about 40% larger.


In addition to the turbines Tabqa likely has a control room perhaps like the Bonneville dam control room with period electronics.


I’d be happy to received and post any actual photos, descriptions or updates of battle for Tabqa Dam.


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