Looks like a shakedown involving #Erdogan & @GeorgeSoros’ Turkey associate.

Was U.S. company, Laureate International Universities, owner of Turkey’s Bilgi University, a victim of extortion centered in in Ankara?

The link to the Turkish story is below but the best I can surmise the allegations go like this:

Erdogan regime pressures Bilgi University.  First by restricting enrollment.  Second, as student numbers decline the Erdogan regime cancels all of Bilgi’s graduate programs.

Third and final straw comes when the regime issued the university a $28 Million fine.

Message sent?

According to news web site Super Haber TV, Bilgi university gave $2 million to Can Paker (a pro Erdogan businessman) to set up a meeting with President Erdogan to fix the “problems.”  Parker, as the story states, is or was, George Soros’ man in Turkey.

Turkey 2

How many millions of dollars did American Soros’s former representative need to save Bilgi University?




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