4-6 December – Kremlin Insider: Putin’s double was at Crimean bridge; panic that bridge soon will be destroyed; anger at everyone for Ukraine strikes and plans to bring in Western Christmas with Nazi-style LGBT book-burning.

GENERALL SVR, [12/4/2022 8:00 PM]
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! On Friday, December 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin held an operational meeting via video link with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council. We have already said that after the main part of the meeting, in a closed format, we discussed the report of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, which reported problems with the ability to use 87% of Russia’s nuclear missile weapons. But there was another rather large discussion regarding the second topic from the same report. Patrushev reported that, according to available information, the Crimean bridge could be completely disabled in the next two months. Allegedly, with the support of the “Anglo-Saxons”, using the latest weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are preparing to strike at two or more pillars of the Crimean bridge, damaging the supporting parts. According to the experts who got acquainted with the details provided by the intelligence and compiled a summary for the report to the president, if such a plan of attack on the Crimean bridge is implemented, the restoration of the bridge will take at least 6 months. In the process of discussing this topic, almost all participants in the meeting expressed the opinion that the destruction of the Crimean bridge would make it impossible for Russia to hold Crimea and the occupied territories of Kherson, Zaporozhye and part of the Donetsk regions of Ukraine by military means. Putin said that in any case, he considers it necessary to continue massive missile strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities and thus force the Ukrainian leadership to negotiate. Putin insists on the need to arrange “holidays in the dark” for Ukraine, that is, to increase the strikes for the Catholic Christmas in western Ukraine and for the New Year throughout Ukraine. Despite the president’s demand, several participants in the meeting expressed doubts about such tactics, which caused Putin’s displeasure. At the end of the meeting, Putin announced that he was waiting for proposals on possible options for action in the event of a strike on the Crimean bridge and closed the meeting. In the near future, Crimea may be cut off from transport links with Russia, and ferry crossings will be used exclusively for military purposes, so the evacuation of the civilian population will be practically impossible.

GENERALL SVR, [12/5/2022 8:00 PM]
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The footage that appeared yesterday of driving across the Crimean bridge in a Mercedes-benz car, a man similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin, should apparently show the courage of the country’s leader himself, the safety of the repaired bridge and closeness to the people (communication with the builders). But Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been in a car on the Crimean Bridge in recent months and has not personally participated in performances with builders, for these purposes there is a double of the president, who really looks very much like Putin. It was the double of the president that could be observed on staged filming in the area of the Crimean bridge. Putin himself is cowardly enough to take part in such events, ESPECIALLY in light of the previous strike on the Crimean bridge, not to mention yesterday’s strike on military airfields in Russia.
Yesterday, Putin held a meeting via videoconference with representatives of the leadership of the power and military blocs. The meeting was devoted both to the strikes of unmanned aerial vehicles on military airfields on the territory of Russia, and the results of a massive missile strike on the territory of Ukraine initiated by the Russian president. To say that Putin was extremely dissatisfied is to say nothing. The very fact of the strike on military airfields, located at a considerable distance from the front line, caused a violent, negative reaction from the president, but the massive missile attack on Ukraine “with zero result”, according to Putin, completely pissed him off. For almost the entire meeting, the president “reprimanded” the leadership of the military bloc. I must say that Putin is on the air of propaganda channels and Putin is in video mode at a closed meeting, this is of course “heaven and earth.” Yesterday, addressing the military leadership, the president did not stop himself in the choice of words, and “f..fucking f..anye” and “fucking f..ory” were the mildest expressions. The president promised to “fuck and dry” the stern military leader Sergei Surovikin, together with his (Surovikin’s) female and male relatives in a particularly perverted form, because the gallant general “proe..al everything”. It went to the entire leadership of the military bloc in general and individually to each. The lack of results after a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine, Putin also placed a heavy burden on the shoulders of the military leadership. At the end of the meeting, Putin promised that if there was another “pr..fuck” similar to yesterday’s, then grave consequences would come, to put it mildly, for those responsible. With that, the president closed the meeting. The restraint of the doppelganger on the Crimean bridge with his expression “Very handsome” (it is not yet very clear what this referred to), and yesterday’s over-emotional tirade of the real Putin, of course, looks like a serious contrast. Putin clearly realized yesterday that he is in the strike zone and will no longer be able to feel safe either in Moscow, or in Sochi, or in Valdai. This fact changes a lot.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

GENERALL SVR, [12/6/2022 ]

Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, via videoconference, Russian President Vladimir Putin held an operational meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council. The main purpose of the meeting is to calm down the “p..zdunov” (as Putin calls that part of the Security Council that does not belong to the security forces and the military) and send a signal through them to the elites that, despite the strikes on military airfields in Russia, everything is under control and nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, during the meeting, the president listened to the reports and gave instructions to strengthen security measures for strategic facilities and top officials of the state, including all participants in the meeting. Putin recalled the presence of “unparalleled” forces and means of nuclear deterrence, which only worried some of the meeting participants. That’s what they decided on.
During the day, the president was informed about how the preparation of events with his participation is being carried out. So, Putin was assured that at a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council, he would be asked the most unburdening questions and provided for approval, in fact, the list of questions itself. Putin approved the entire list, making slight adjustments to the wording. The current composition of the HRC is 100% loyal to the president and, as Putin is assured, “amateur activity” is completely excluded.
Putin was also presented with an “action” for approval, which the “patriotic community” headed by Zakhar Prilepin and several State Duma deputies are going to hold after the New Year holidays, the date of January 8 is preliminarily discussed. The main action of the “action” is the burning of books by authors-foreign agents, representatives of the LGBT community and “traitors to Russia”. The books to be burned are supposed to be laid out in the shape of a star with an area of approximately 40 m². The piquancy of the situation is that Zakhar Prilepin himself is a representative of the gay community and in this light he is interested in whether Prilepin will burn books of which he is the author. Putin really liked the idea, he gave the order to work out the concept and scenario in detail and submit it to him for approval by December 25.
At this pace, very little remains before the official approval of Putin’s greeting by throwing his right hand forward and upward at an angle of 45 ° with a straight palm, then there will be no need to explain the purpose of the NWO to anyone.

GENERALL SVR (https://t.me/generallsvr)

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