In the new Capitol attack case, the docket is confusing. Here’s my best guess about what may be going on and some things I just can’t explain. @maddowblog @maddow.

The indictment was originally filed March 24, 2021, naming a single defendant Daniel Joseph “DJ” Rodriguez. He had driven with others to DC for the attack on the Capitol. He was arrested in California and processed in the Central District. For some reason they decided to keep him there. And for reasons I cannot explain his attorneys are from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City offices of the Federal Public Defenders.

Here is the original indictment.

Here is the order keeping him in LA.

His case moved along with the apparent defense strategy to push for a speedy trial dismissal. Rodriguez also moved to suppress his FBI interview on the grounds he wasn’t properly advised of his rights. A suppression hearing was held and it appears that the FBI had obtained his waiver. Here’s the Government’s exhibit list.

Rodriguez also earlier gave notice of intent to rely on a Public Authority Defense claiming that he was acting on behalf of the POTUS.

After the suppression hearing the record gets a bit murky but I think with the suppression hearing not going as he had hoped he looks like he may have made a deal. Here is the docket. The final entries have missing docket numbers. Ten by my count between 54 and 65. And 65 is the superseding indictment naming Edward Badalian and a still sealed defendant who based on the superseding indictment lives in California just like the other two defendants. And the new unsealed defendant was on Alex Jones Infowars on January 8 to provide the false flag that the attack was really the work of Antifa.

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