IMO states can charge a sitting president. See 2000 DOJ memo that just punted on the question. Don’t you love Strict Constructionist @realdonaldtrump?

Remember, you can indict a ham sandwich. The question is can Don Trumpo beat the rap?

2000 DOJ Memo on State Power to Indict a Sitting President DOJ

Footnote 2: Implicit in the Department’s constitutional analysis of this question in 1973 was the assumption that the President would oppose an attempt to subject him to indictment or prosecution. We proceed on the same assumption today and therefore do not inquire whether it would be constitutional to indict or try the President  with his consent.

The Department’s previous analysis also focused exclusively on federal rather than state prosecution of a sitting President. We proceed on this assumption as well, and thus we do not consider any additional constitutional concerns that may be implicated by state  Criminal prosecution of a sitting President. See Clinton v. Jones, 520 U.S. 681, 691
(1997) (noting that a state criminal prosecution of a sitting President would raise “federalism and comity” concerns rather than separation of powers concerns).

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