Okay, so now we all accept #MichaelCohen was truthful and not in #Prague? Cool. I think I’m still in the money on who was. @Maddow @lawrence @FBIWFO

Here is my first inkling of who I thought it was when I read the Steele Dossier. That report was raw intel. Getting one of two Russia connected Trump lawyers confused would be the kind of thing a matured piece of intelligence work product could clear up. So I went through both Cohen and Boris Epshteyn’s Twitter activity for August 2016 and found two periods in August that Epshteyn went dark. Later, a rather authoritative Twitter account showed me how one of the periods was not possible. But I think it would be possible if your rich Russian uncle wanted to fix it for you.

I wonder if I brought the heat down on Boris?


Two weeks after that Boris was gone from the Whitehouse.

With all the “Resistance” so certain that it was Michael Cohen,I signed off:

I understand that Epshteyn is a native Russian speaker. With what was being negotiated I would expect the Russians would want to have someone like Epshteyn as their cutout for the final assault. By August the emails were mostly out. Just Podesta to come in October. They held that for an emergency and dropped them 30 minutes after the Access Holywood tape was released.

What was coming was the micro-targeting. The big propaganda hydrogen bomb. And the Trump team, likely headed by Brad Parsale’s San Antonio crew, would need Russian speakers to work the attack. Who better than Boris. Who now coincidentally runs the political shop of the massive right wing propaganda network Sinclair Broadcasting.

It’s all going according to plan. Because the background noise is so high, the press overlooks the obvious.

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