One thought on “Here is Secretary Mattis’ letter to @POTUS. Remember, Mattis sees all the treasure. He knows Trump is a traitor.

  1. Tell Juila et al that this advertisement shows up on US videos as well. I saw it while watching US media. BTW…..that is propaganda that they are dis-owning Trump……they have a plan i turned in yesterday…but it is for US and worldwide presidential elections as well…but Parscale has his voter data ready that he said they have millions for yesterday…the day after Trump collected 65.5 million during his Oval Office border Wall worldwide campaign…then to goes to Russia via their ad campaign hiree ads on freelance sites in the US for worldwide exposure and one ad in Dubai – data carried via messenger to Davos, if they go….and other ways. If Trump doesn’t work out – then that propaganda is their backup…but the data, $ and ad campaigns from Russia are in the works – testing multi browser cyberwar Yandex-Google

    Julia Davis
    ‏ @JuliaDavisNews
    19h19 hours ago

    There is something deeply ironic about the YouTube ad that keeps popping up while I’m watching #Russia’s state TV: “Do you approve of President Trump?”

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