My analysis of status of privileged materials in #Cohen #Warrant case. Wednesday PM June 13

First, I think that any objections to the Master’s report that established the things that were privileged was due on Monday.  I didn’t see anything filed. It was one week after the Master’s report and that was filed on June 4. I’ll link copies of everything that supports that at the end of this post.

That means the Master’s report is likely to be adopted without objection.  But then as to each of the few documents claimed as privileged by the Master, Judge Woods has to review them to determine if the “crime-fraud exception” to the Attorney-Client Privilege applies.

Judge Woods ruled on a dispute over how the objections could be presented and ordered that the protected parts could be submitted to her ex parte and in camera (meaning the Prosecutors and Avenatti don’t see it) but the rest had to be filed in the Court’s CM/ECF system.  I didn’t see anything filed.

If the President is implicated in any of the materials, I would expect a referral back to Mueller. Bet his lawyers are sweating it out.

Right now Judge Woods has a file in her safe with the future of the Trump Presidency in it.

Article III.  I love it.


PS: I took an oath too.


Links to the documents

20180604 (72) Master report

20180607 (76) USA letter

20180608 (78) Order on documents

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