Syrian sources are reporting another drone attack on the Russian Hameimim air base south of Latakia:

Syrian news: The Russian base in Hameimim was attacked last night by remote-controlled aircraft. Noor Center for Studies was quoted as saying that the Russian base in Hummimim was attacked by remote-controlled aircraft late last night without details of the damage.

The military information network in the Assad forces to respond to the defenses of the airport “Hameimim” a plane march and detonated before arrival at the airport.

For the third straight time since the beginning of this year, the Russian base in Hameimim is under attack by a marching aircraft that killed two Russian troops in January. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that its aircraft stationed at the base have suffered any injuries despite the reports of Russian newspaper Kommersant. Reported seven aircraft hit by an attack on al-Qaeda on New Year’s Eve, and published pictures showing that a number of aircraft were damaged.

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