I come from a Massachusetts Irish American law enforcement family. That’s my grandfather Tim around WWI. During WWII the FBI would ask him if someone in Holyoke should get a clearance. He’d say, “Christ, he’s Irish. He’ll be okay.” Mike Flynn ended that. Flynn is Irish too.


I don’t think I can express the shame I feel as an Irish American having a traitor like Mike Flynn. I don’t want to dwell on it but he has admitted to being a secret agent for al-Qaeda.  That is proven by Erdogan who is now admitting he is al-Qaeda.  Flynn was his lackey.  An al-Qaeda lackey.

How can we be sure Flynn was alone?  We know John Kelly is watching Erdogan murder our allies. Is he another traitor?  Another Boston Irishman who has turned?  What do we know about Mattis? McMaster?

Dunford looked okay to me but he’s Irish from Boston too I think.  I’m afraid it may be some weird Boston Irish treason cabal.  

I’d bet my grandfather would look into it. Now we know the Irish don’t get a pass. 



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