Was #SalehMuslim seized to block US from indicting #Erdogan and/or his associates in #Zarrab case?

Saleh Muslim photo_2018-02-25_19-18-23

One fact that I had been reporting on when @Twitter pulled a month old tweet and used it as the pretext to shut me off from my ability to report is my reporting that there are apparently new indictments in the Zarrab/Atilla case in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.  I can’t be sure but in the past whenever the court clerks noted a document was put in the “vault” it was followed by a new indictment. But you might ask, why couldn’t it be for Atilla and/or Zarrab? It’s because they have both already been charged and convicted and cannot be charged for additional crimes from the same acts under the US Constitution’s Double Jeopardy clause.  Here is my tweet right before Twitter pulled the plug:

The fact that the former PYD head was in Prague on a meeting that likely involved the US makes me wonder why the US didn’t know to the plan to seize him. We don’t miss much unless folks are very careful. In any event, now Erdogan has a hostage, or at least hopes to, and maybe thinks that can save him from the New York sanctions case.



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