#Zarrab plead guilty on Oct. 26. Here are the documents. #Atilla #Turkey #Iran

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Richard M. Berman: AUSAs Lockard, Kamaraju, Denton and Sovolos and their supervisors are present. FBI Special Agents and paralegal Michael-Chang Frieden are present. Defendant is present with attorneys Brafman, Kirshner, Anello & Dubrowski. Buleny Bulut is sworn in as Turkish Interpreter who will provide interpretation services as needed. The Court receives a signed advice of rights form and signed waiver of indictment. An S(5) superseding information is filed. Arraignment as to Reza Zarrab (1) Count 1sssss,2sssss,3sssss,4sssss,5sssss,6sssss,7sssss held on 10/26/2017. Plea entered by Reza Zarrab (1) Guilty as to Count 1sssss,2sssss,3sssss,4sssss,5sssss,6sssss,7sssss. The Court accepts the plea. (jm)


20171128 (364) Zarrab Superseding information filed 20171016

20171128 (365) Zarrab Waiver of indictment filed 20171026

20171128 (366) Zarrab Advice of Rights filed 20171026


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