Judge orders that Atilla may come to trial dressed in business attire. #Zarrab

ORDER as to Mehmet Hakan Atilla. Upon the application of Victor J. Rocco, attorney for the above-referenced defendant/inmate, and upon all proceedings previously herein, the M C is hereby ordered to accept the following clothing and to permit Mr. Atilla to wear this clothing for jury selection and the duration of his trial. Jury selection is scheduled to take place on November 20th and November 21st; trial is scheduled to begin on November 27th: 2 SUITS; 2 DRESS SHIRTS; 2 TIES; 5 PAIR OF SOCKS; 1 LEATHER BELT; 1 PAIR OF DRESS SHOES. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Richard M. Berman on 11/16/2017)(ft

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