I Remember the 1986 Miami shootout. These Fallen FBI Agents Were Used as Props in a White House Fever Dream.

Miami FBI agentsLost in the tragedy of the President attacking a gold star widow, compounded by the unrepentant falsehood advanced by the White House chief of staff against a member of Congress, is the memory of the two young FBI Special Agents, Grogan and Dove. They were the reason that Representative Frederica Wilson ran to Speaker Boehner to clear the way to name the new Miami FBI headquarters the Special Agents’ memory.

The irony of James Comey being a witness who can prove John Kelly lied is too thick to cut with a knife.


FBI and GSA Dedicate the New FBI Building

But here’s an even greater irony.

Take the 12 minutes and listen to the FBI PodCast recalling the 1986 events prepared by the FBI in its 2011 memorial tribute to the fallen and wounded Agents and officers.  It speaks to the heroism of Special Agents Grogan and Dove who, along with Miami Dade police, fought an epic gun battle on streets of Miami.  I remember it well.  My brother was involved in the investigation.  They eventually made a TV movie about it.

At the end of the podcast you’ll hear the voice of the FBI Director in 2011 speak to the duty of the FBI to risk their lives to protect us.

The voice is FBI Director Robert S. Muller III.




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