Is the #US in a shooting war with #Iran?

On May 18, the Assad forces made up of mostly Iranian proxies ignored US warnings to withdraw and were attacked on the road to Tanf on the Iraq-Jordan-Syria border. Reports put the column about 8 km from the US partner force and the border crossing when US forces attacked it.

The Iranians withdrew about 75 km to the Zaza checkpoint that is a junction of the Baghdad –  Damascus highway from Tanf with a road to the north.

On May 24, CENTCOM Air Commander in Iraq gave a press conference where the issue of #Tanf  and the “Syrian” threat was addressed:

At no time has the US been anything but crystal clear that it would act to defend its partnered forces at Tanf.

On or about June 2, the US Embassy Syria posted a tweet warning it perceived a threat caused by the build up of forces at Zaza.  Early June 6, Hawaii time, I tweeted that it looked like US forces would attack any force threatening Tanf.  Then later that same day there were confirmations of the second US attack.  This post has a bad bit of video but it is sufficient to show the firepower the US employed.

Today, June 8 there was a report that a Syrian/Iranian drone attacked the US backed force with an airstrike.  The US is reported to have attacked and destroyed the drone.

Add to this reports that from last night through today that Regime forces bombed and shelled US allied SDF forces west of Tabqa.

Iran appears to be willing to sacrifice its militia forces in these repeated aggressive, albeit, futile actions.  The US has continued to act in a manner showing the US Air Force will continue to attack these Iranian proxy forces.

It’s a dangerous situation and has the potential for even more dangerous Iranian miscalculations.


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