Is President #Trump suffering from Dementia?

Here is President Trump on May 25. Based on Netanyahu’s reaction it appears President Trump just got up from a photo shoot and wandered off.  Look closely at his face. Focus on his eyes.  Vacant.  It looks like he had no idea where he was.

After Jerusalem President Trump went to Brussels the same day.  After his speech he exhibited this behavior:

The President then flew to the G-7 in Scicily.  There were earlier videos of Melania swatting his hand.  Watch her here.  He uses her and the rail to negotiate the stairs. Could be age but Melania appears committed to perform the assist.

Then, on May 29th, he went to Arlington Cemetery for Memorial Day.  He lacked the apparent ability to stay still.

Finally, last night, he just stopped tweeting with an uncorrected auto-correct.  Perhaps a coincidence but don’t say I didn’t tell warn you long ago:

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