#Flynn’s Turkish partner throws big event at Trump’s D.C. Hotel.



The American Turkish Council (ATC) will hold its 36th annual business conference in Washington, DC from May 21 to May 23. ATC’s counterpart in Turkey is the Turkish-American Business Council (TAIK) and these two councils organize annual meetings. TAIK, until 2014 had autonomy.  But by mid 2014 it had lost its autonomy and the Turkish government began managing TAIK via its power to make appointments in a new structure adopted with the Law No. 6552 enacted on 11 September 2014.  And its President is appointed by Turkish Gov’t.

Its first AKP government appointed president was Ekim Alptekin.

TAIK is a sub-organization of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK).  Alptekin, is the President of the executive board of DEIK.  The DEIK Board is Elected by the General Assembly for a period of four years. DEIK’s Chairman is named to serve as one of the Board members by the Republic of Turkey Minister of Economy.

You might remember Mr. Alptekin was with Flynn and Erdogan’s son-in-law when they discussed kidnapping a US permanent resident in the presence of the former CIA director.

Alpetkin, who reportedly paid Flynn via his Dutch shell company Inovo BV, is an official of the Turkish Govt.  That is beyond dispute.

So, Donald Trump hired a paid agent of a foreign government (with links to ISIS) to serve as the head of the NSC.

But at least now he is getting some hotel business from the deal.


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