What’s going on with @realdonaldtump making up so many contradictory facts? Here’s my thoughts.

When a defense attorney is hired they tell their client to shut up and then look to get all the evidence that the Government has. They then try to create a “theory of the case” that explains the facts that they can’t refute to explain the defendant’s conduct in a plausible story that can raise reasonable doubt.

But Trump just seems to be rambling, making up facts, contradicted in the same interview.  How could that happen if he is being represented by competent counsel?  The answer is simple, he’s not.

When we  hear comments about “White House Counsel” they are not talking about Donald Trump’s attorneys.  They are referring to attorneys who represent the “Presidency” not the “President” as an individual.  So people like Don McGahan are not going to sit with Donald Trump like a defense counsel would, to help him work out his “theory of the case.”

Trump is notorious for stiffing his attorneys so he likely has had a hard time getting a large firm to sign on for the full ride with him especially where it appears that Trump may be subject to asset forfeitures.  So what is Trump doing?

In my view he is making up all of this on his own. Perhaps with the counsel of insiders like his family or perhaps Bannon.  But though I’m not a Bannon fan, I think he is too smart to get into the obvious obstruction of justice that Trump has committed in the past two days.

So Donald Trump’s strategy is to declare war on the FBI after having already declared war on the CIA. Good luck with that Donald.



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