Why @RealDonaldTrump should resign while he and his family still have some wealth. @FLOTUS @tribelaw

The President has near absolute immunity for actions that can pass the giggle test of official acts.  Many scholars miss the fact that his businesses do not share any immunity and can be targeted by persons injured by the businesses owner’s actions even if that action is covered by immunity.

Trump has lied more than any politician in history. It would not take a legal genius to craft a Civil RICO complaint that uses his false statements a Wire Fraud predicates. The element of “financial gain” can easily be alleged based on Trump’s need to pump up his businesses and brand generally.  Add the money laundering allegations and Trump’s tax returns become relevant and clearly discoverable.

When civil litigation attorneys wake up to this gold mine that will allow them to reach Trump’s family his partners like the Russian govt ie Oligarchs with piles of money to pay to keep the case quiet, the avalanche of litigation will consume the Trump Kushner clan that will likely spend the rest of their lives trying to survive the Trump presidency. Resign now Donald.   Do it for your family.

PS:  For Mrs. Trump, here is a phase to remember: “Innocent Spouse.”


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