Why is @RealDonaldTrump about to welcome a #Yazidis & #Christian Slave Traders to White House? What does one serve #ISIS at a formal dinner? #SDF @BreitbartNews

The narrator in this German video says Abu Matal would free the Yazidis buy purchasing them from ISIS online.  ISIS would direct him to travel to Gaziantep Turkey and meet the ISIS accountant and pay him in cash in ISIS’s Gaziantep office.

Another shot is video filming ISIS middle man receiving the money for the purchase.

Reporter also says all of this purchase/money transfer could not be done without the blessing of MIT Turkish intelligence.

The reporter says Slave No. 12 was purchased for $18,000 US.  This payment was made in cash to ISIS in Gaziantep. The video also shows ISIS using a cash counting machine.

Last year, before Erdogan’s fascist crackdown on the Turkish press turned the Turkish press into propaganda arms of the Salafi Jihadist government in Ankara,  the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet published a story regarding what appears to be a governement directed cover-up in a case seeking to examine the Gaziantep Yazidis slave market.

The Hurriyet Article describes how the case was closed in two weeks before the evidence was examined.  Here is the link.  Turkey closes case without reviewing evidence

The evidence that Erdogan and his MIT are ISIS is overwhelming. ISIS prisoner explains how Turkey supplies ISIS .

NSA and CIA likely have the evidence on Erdogan and the MIT’s complicity with ISIS at a minimum.

Someday this evidence will be released.  Anyone who has assisted in the acts of genocide will be held accountable.  Based on my interpretation of US and international law I conclude that former US presidents, their staffs and foreign leaders and intelligence officers are all subject to prosecution for genocide under both US and International law.   There is no statute of limitations.

Never again means never again.  We must hunt this barbarian filth to the last man. Seize their assets even if the assets belong to Arab royal families and punish as the law proscribes:   At a minimum, life in prison without hope.  Never Again.

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