Judge Berman appears to smell a rat in the Reza #Zarrab Case. Directs the defense counsel to be prepared to discuss the following questions ordered today:

ORDER as to (15-Cr-867-01) Reza Zarrab. The Court would like counsel to be prepared to discuss, along with the other Curcio topics, the following questions on Tuesday, May 2, 2017: 1. Whether Messrs. Giuliani and Mukasey and/or their firms–or any other defense counsel in this case–have also been retained by Iran, Halk bank, Turkey (apart from what already has been submitted), or the United States. If yes, explain. 2. With respect to joint Curcio Question 16.e, who does the phrase “making arguments” refer to? Arguments to whom? 3. Whether Greenberg Traurig’s representation of both Mr. Zarrab and the Republic of Turkey is an actual conflict? Is it waivable? Cite relevant case authorities and rules. 4. Who is Greenberg Traurig’s client when Mr. Giuliani meets with Turkish (or United States) officials to discuss Mr. Zarrab’s case? Turkey or Mr. Zarrab? Can such discussions ever be privileged or is any privilege waived? 5. May Messrs. Giuliani or Mukasey participate or take positions adverse to Mr. Zarrab in negotiations between the United States and Turkey? 6. Do office holders and/or members (or affiliates) of the Governments of the United States or Turkey do business with Mr. Zarrab and/or any of his affiliates? If yes, explain. (Signed by Judge Richard M. Berman on 5/1/2017)(bw)

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