From 2017: Does U.S. law apply to Erdoğan for his murder of Dêrik Christians? Maybe.

There is report that claims that among the Yazidis (also victims of genocide) and Kurds Turkey also targeted Syrian Christians at Dêrik. Here it is.  Turkey Bombs Syrian Christians.  If that is proven to the satisfaction of the U.S. prosecutors, it may mean any U.S. person assisting Turkey’s military in that operation or others could arguably be committing a capital offense under US law.  But, for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of Turkey, he may be in for a surprise when he visits.

You may recall that, in part due to pressure from the US Christian right, Congress pressured the U.S. State Dept. to certify that ISIS attacks on “Christians” were acts of genocide under U.S. law.  Here is the State Dept. Announcement.

So, if the CIA and the NSA has proof that Erdoğan and his family are actually helping ISIS (and I think they do) then these acts arguably fall within the scope the State Dept. determination.  So to make it simple, Turkey acting for ISIS murdered Christians who are victims of ISIS genocide.  Erdoğan gave the orders so he is responsible.

So, what does that mean under U.S. Law?

U.S. Criminal Code 18 U.S.C. Section 1091 provides that acts of genocide that result in a death are subject to capital punishment.  Here is the statute.

Note, that there is no statute of limitations and, as we have seen from other cases, there is no sovereign immunity for Erdoğan and his ISIS family members.

For any U.S. person who assists in genocide they would be subject to the statute’s jurisdiction regardless of where they are.  (One reason U.S. folks should keep Erdoğan at arm’s length).   But what about Erdoğan? He can’t be subject to U.S. jurisdiction, can he?

Only if he comes to the U.S. See .  18 U.S.C. Section 1091 (e)(2)(D).

See you soon Recep!

P.S. Because the Alptekin connection to Flynn makes this all Russian related, Trump probably won’t even know the Erdoğan warrant has been issued.


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