In #Zarrab #Atilla case in NYC, minute entry regarding 3rd Superseding Indictment arraignment. #Erdogan

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Richard M. Berman: Arraignment as to Reza Zarrab (1) Count 1sss,2sss,3sss,4sss and Mehmet Hakan Atilla (5) Count 2,3 held on 4/13/2017. AUSAs David Denton, Sid Kamaraju and Dean Sovolos present; Also present is FBI agents McReynolds and Geissler; Defendant Reza Zarrab present with defense attorneys Benjamin Brafman and Erich Ferrari; Defendant Mehmet Hakan Atilla with defense attorneys Victor Rocco and Thomas Thornhill; Turkish Interpreter George Esayan present for both defendants; Court Reporter Pamela Utter present; Defendants arraigned on S3 Indictment; Defendants waive a public reading and enter pleas of not guilty; Counsel for defendant Atilla to submit a letter by 4/21/17 re: Curcio hearing scheduled for 4/24/17 re: defendant Zarrab; Court will also hold a conference on 4/24/17 at 9:30 am re: scheduling (including any proposed change in the trial schedule); Counsel for defendant Atilla to submit information related to Atilla Curcio matters including attorney/law firm representation of victim banks and Republic of Turkey by 5/1/17; Curcio hearing for defendant Atilla scheduled for 5/18/17 at 9:30 am; speedy trial time is excluded for the reasons set forth on the record from 4/13/17 to 8/21/17 pursuant to 18 USC 3161(h)(7)(A) and (B). (bw)

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