In the Baroni BridgeGate case the judge confirms the Govt.has released the names of unindicted co-conspirators. @ap @msnbc @cnn

News agencies are apparently unaware that the list was released to the parties but not filed in the case. Here is a link to the endorsed letter/order withdrawing a request as moot because the requester apparently received the list from prosecutors. 20160512 Endorsed letter on names.

The real threat posed by being on the list is, in my view, under the US Civil RICO statute.  One of the crimes alleged in the indictment is Wire Fraud that is a federal RICO predicate offense. Just search it in this section.  RICO Definitions

Depending on establishing things like the structure of the enterprise and damages all the co-conspirators are at risk of litigation from, at least, the businesses injured by the conspiracy.

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