My Case for a Ukraine Version of the U.S. Constitution . . .

We have just seen how a confederation like the EU cannot reach agreement about dealing with a country that is evidencing it wants to invade them all. The thing that the US has that is absent in the EU is the power of the President to conduct foreign affairs.  All foreign policy emanates from the US President.  The Senate advises and consents regarding ministers.  Nothing else.  It’s a ship with one captain.  Nations that lack this power are inherently weak.

We wanted a leader as strong as any King but subject to election and the Law.  We had a confederation and it didn’t work. The Constitution is our foundation and it gives great power to the duly elected President of us all and makes us a tough nut to crack.

Reconsider the current parliamentary system.  Create political subdivisions based on old established political/ethnic relationships. Those are your States.  Determine how large a lower house you want and divide the total Ukraine population by that number. Apportion them to the States by their proportion of the population.  Large states have more Representatives than small ones.

Give each state two upper chamber representatives like our Senators. That makes States with fewer people as powerful as the big ones.  Rhode Island, that is smaller than some farms in Ukraine, has the same Senate power as Texas or California.  This protects ethnic or political minority areas like Donbas.  If the majority ignores them they still have power to be heard disproportionate to their size.  When the US Constitution was formed there were political and cultural differences that made the citizens suspicious of the people from the other colonies.  The one thing they, like Ukrainians, had in common, is a power imperial force bent on destroying them all.

Give the lower house of Representatives the power to make war and the power over money, both taxes and spending.

Give the upper house Senate a final say on the lower house proposals as well as appointments of ministers.

Pay them all well.  Demand honesty and loyalty to the Constitution under penalty of Law.

Don’t call anyone a traitor unless they did something after the Constitution is enacted and then only if it is really terrible.

Ukraine, like Americans in 1775, have to fight a powerful imperial force to be and remain free.  Stick together.

You’ll all be fine.

Слава Україні

Tim in Honolulu

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