Do you know who is running the GOP? It should scare you to death.

With the help of the often criticized SCOTUS’ Citizens United ruling, a political fringe group that has previously operated in the shadows now sees a chance to actually take control of the U.S. government through the use of dark money funded primarily by the Koch Family.   But who are the Koch Family and their fringe organization the John Birch Society, formed by the Koch Family head, among others, Fred Koch, in the 1950’s?

Did you ever see the film “Dr. Strangelove?”   The character General Jack D. Ripper, who feared fluoridation was a communist plot to destroy his ”precious bodily fluids” was reported to be a satiric look at the  Koch Family and their John Birch Society ilk.  They are the same folks who control Ted Cruz and the other Tea Party folks and want to rule the rest of us.

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