Did Tillerson sell out the #SDF in Ankara for money? Is that why he had no US witnesses? @StateDept @NSAGov @DefenseIntel @brett_mcgurk

Everything points to Trump using Tillerson to pick up where Flynn left off to work Trump family deals with al-Qaeda affiliated AKP and Erdogan. Likely Putin too.

By now the US NSA and many of the other intelligence services know why Tillerson had no witnesses in the room. The NSA all think they are immune.  But treason has no immunity.  They should think of their families. Perhaps a friend in another intelligence service will bail them out and disclose what Trump and Tillerson did.  We’d do it for them wouldn’t we?


Putin’s proxies, prostitutes and the presidential campaign in Lebanon.

From one of the voices silenced by the Twitter jihadists.

For decades, Russia was not able to infiltrate the Christian regions, the Christians were allied with Europe and the U.S. against the axis of evil: Russia-Iran-Assad-Hezbollah-Palestinians. Since the 40s, Russia has been arming and funding Islamists like PLO (originally the Fedayeen) and Jihad Al-Islami, who were like Qaeda and later became Hamas, Hezbollah and other factions. Back in the 70s the PLO were “Jaysh Al-Sunna” (Army of Sunni) for the Muslim – as declared by Abu Ammar – and the “Communist” branch for Russia. The U.S. was supporting Israel and infiltrating the Middle East, while Russia was thwarting U.S., Europe, Israel and the NATO by keeping it busy in Lebanon at the Israeli front. Billions of dollars and European currencies, Saudi riyal, Iranian rial and Russian ruble and weapons were pumped into Lebanon. The Islamists, Alt Right, Alt Left and Left supported Russia, while the Right and Centrists supported the U.S.-Europe-Israel-NATO. History repeats itself. The “anti-imperialists” Russian front was formed of hundreds of mixed terrorist groups, thousands of fighters, who fought, smuggled weapons, dealt with drugs under the banner “anti-imperialism”, back then like today, the same Russian media message. Thousands stormed into Lebanon under Russia’s orders, the master of chaos brought together the weirdest combinations: The German RAF (Antifa far left socialists), Irish IRA (Catholic republican socialists), Italian Red Brigade (Antifa far left Marxists), Japanese Red Army (Communists who called themselves Arabs), PLO (Sunni Islamists for Muslim, Communists for Russian), Hezbollah (Shia Islamists), both PLO and Hezbollah had same war methods as ISIS and Qaeda, PKK (Kurdish party which was Sunni then became communist, then when alliance shifted with the US, they became Communal socialists), Syrian Baath (“secular” but based on Sharia and hate Jews and the West), Syrian Nazi (SSNP, “secular” Alt Right nationalist Syrians but based on Sharia and hate Jews and the West), Lebanese leftists and communists, Iranian MEK (Shia Islamists today known as NCRI or PMOIK), IRGC (The Iranian Shia Islamists), French Action directe (AD was far-left), Belgian Communist Combatant Cells (CCC), and others, not to mention all Arab Islamists Somalian, Sudanese, Moroccan, Algerian and other mercenaries. They all came to Lebanon to declare war on NATO, use Lebanon as a battlefield and combat Israel in Lebanon. Today, I remember the war and see it again, the same method but few things changed. Not all the Sunni are on the alleged “anti-imperialist front”, some joined the U.S. and prefer Israel to Russia and Iran. In Lebanon, Russia infiltrated the Christian pro-U.S. by sending for decades its Russian prostitutes who changed the society. Russia uses all possible legitimate and illegitimate tools to wage wars and infiltrate states. A lesson I learned, because I was born and grew up in a country torn by wars, I grew up between men fighting on fronts, fighting for our lives, I saw death daily in all its forms, and all were ugly. I saw what a John Doe reader from Western societies did not see and will not understand, that’s is why it is easy to manipulate him through the social media when proxies and prostitution fail. Russia infiltrated Lebanon through proxies and prostitutes, meanwhile also because of the oil and gas at Lebanon’s shores. The Syrian war gave Russia access through the planned Iran Deal, Obama made concessions, all had its advantages and disadvantages. Russia advanced, but the rift between Sunni and Shia deepened, and finally the Islamic teachings leading to terrorism were discussed. Even Alt Right and Alt Left terrorism is discussed, people are getting more and more aware and understanding better the world occurrences leading to wars. Russia advanced and took over a large part of Lebanon, but the U.S. is not standing and watching nor are Israel, NATO and the Europeans. Russia today hanged posters of Russian President Vladimir Putin in various regions of Lebanon, in preparation for the presidential elections scheduled for March 18, 2018 in Russia, as announced by the official Russian embassy in Lebanon: “Today, Russian citizens have joined the presidential campaign, and these posters can be seen in different regions in Lebanon and we hope that the Russian community will participate in the upcoming presidential elections on March 18 at the Russian Cultural Center in Beirut.” But who knows whether Russia will be able to hang posters of Putin and Russian in the next presidential elections.


Syrian sources are reporting another drone attack on the Russian Hameimim air base south of Latakia:

Syrian news: The Russian base in Hameimim was attacked last night by remote-controlled aircraft. Noor Center for Studies was quoted as saying that the Russian base in Hummimim was attacked by remote-controlled aircraft late last night without details of the damage.

The military information network in the Assad forces to respond to the defenses of the airport “Hameimim” a plane march and detonated before arrival at the airport.

For the third straight time since the beginning of this year, the Russian base in Hameimim is under attack by a marching aircraft that killed two Russian troops in January. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that its aircraft stationed at the base have suffered any injuries despite the reports of Russian newspaper Kommersant. Reported seven aircraft hit by an attack on al-Qaeda on New Year’s Eve, and published pictures showing that a number of aircraft were damaged.

This was reported: A senior Russian military official in Damascus two days ago, carrying a message from President Vladimir Putin to the head of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad, clearly sets out the points of deployment of the government forces north of Aleppo in exchange for the Turkish army. The chief of staff of the Russian army, Valery Girasimov, usually guarantees the transfer of the field message to Assad, whether by visiting Damascus or staying at the Russian military base in Hameimim and arranging his meetings with those involved, whether they are Syrians or “paratroopers” or “Kurdish protection units.” According to information available to Asharq Al-Awsat, the Russian military leader made an unannounced operational visit to Damascus, which included handing over to the Syrian side maps of the deployment of observation points for the government forces in the north of the country, to be deployed 10 points near Aazaz, Tel Rifaat, Nabal and Zahra, The government and its allies from organizations supported by Iran to add to the other 7 points previously established, not to be close to those points of Afrin, which spent the understandings between Moscow, Ankara and Tehran to go to the Turkish army and Syrian opposition factions backed by Ankara. In exchange for these points, the Turkish army will establish 12 or 13 observation points in the countryside of Idlib, Hama and Aleppo, in addition to continuing the process of “olive grove” to link the areas of the “Euphrates Shield” between Aleppo and Tripoli and Idlib areas. An official in Damascus, the commander of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, told SPAN HAMO of these understandings and points of deployment, which was interpreted by the leaders of the units as a decision in Damascus to “abandon Afrin and the north to Turkey.” This latest communication was a confirmation of a previous message reaching Hamo that Moscow would not allow Damascus to deal negatively and “resist” Turkish operations in the north of the country, despite media statements by Damascus officials describing the “olive grove” as “Turkish aggression.” Asharq Al-Awsat published details of a tripartite meeting that took place in Aleppo, including Hamo, the head of the security committee in the government forces, Brigadier General Malek Alia, and the commander of the Russian Center for Reconciliation on the eve of the launch of the “olive grove” on January 20. At the time, the text of the understanding with Damascus was presented on three items: coordination and field cooperation between the Syrian army and the units, working to repel the Turkish attack and working together to liberate the areas controlled by the Turkish army and supported factions north of Afrin and near the border. Damascus wanted to return to Afrin, whether real or symbolic, but Moscow refused, “because the understandings with Ankara are much greater than Afrin,” according to a Russian official. After that, Damascus sent “popular forces” to Afrin and its countryside, which was met with Turkish bombardment that caused dozens of deaths. This was applied to what the commander of the Russian Center told Hamo and Alia at the meeting in Aleppo, that Moscow “will not support the agreement between the units and the army, but implementation of this agreement is a very dangerous step.” It is also an actual application of what Hamo heard from the Russian chief of staff in Moscow on the eve of the start of the “olive curd” process that Turkey “has the right to defend its national security” and that the Russian army “will not obstruct the use of Turkish aircraft in the attack on Afrin.” Russia’s recent military message to Damascus is paving the way for Afrin to be included in the “reduction of escalation” agreements, according to the Russian understanding, days before the Russian-Turkish-Iranian tripartite meeting in Astana this month which will pave the way for a three- Next month. Turkish forces and the Free Army factions stepped up their operations in the coming days and made rapid progress and have surrounded Afrin from three directions. It was on the outskirts of the city of Afrin after controlling the 135th Brigade, a training camp for the “protection units.” Six years ago, it was the seat of the regime’s forces after it seized control of the strategic town of Jondiers on Thursday. Under the understandings with Russia, Turkey links the Euphrates Shield, an area of ​​more than 2,100 square kilometers, to the Afrin region, which has so far controlled 1,000 square kilometers. It is seeking to expand its area of ​​influence to be the third in terms of territory after the American influence area of ​​one third of the area of ​​Syria (185 thousand square kilometers) and the regime forces and Russia and Iran, which controls half the country. Ankara remains committed to expanding operations to Manbaj and hopes to reach an understanding with Washington despite continued mistrust. The US side clearly told the Kurdish leaders that it had nothing to do with Afrin and promised to defend them east of the Euphrates River. Negotiations between Turkish and US military and intelligence officials on the future of Manbaj were held two days ago. The Turkish side presents a joint presence in Manbij in exchange for the exit of the units to the east of the Euphrates River, in addition to removing the units from the Turkish border and conducting Turkish patrols instead of the American proposals to expand the role of the Arab Military Council and to change the role of the units. The city, with the admission of Turkish checkpoints in the city, which includes a US military center in the heart and another of the Russian army in its countryside. US and Turkish experts prepared scenarios to reconcile the two ministers, Mouloud Javishoglu and Rex Tillerson, on January 19, as negotiations continue to reach understandings on the eastern Euphrates, where Washington has a political priority to control and stay. “According to a Western diplomat.

Hypocrisy of the US Position on the Syrian #SDF and the Turkish/Jihadist invasion. @CENTCOM


Starting in late 2014, ISIS began to look like it could be beaten. The Syrian Kurdish forces under the banners of the YPG and YPJ, with American help, turned the tide. Now over three years later, another Islamist force has invaded Syria. This time in NATO member uniforms accompanied by a collection of miscreant jihadists including ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban. Needing only the Russian mobster/mass murderer Putin’s permission and Putin’s stooge Trump’s cowardice, Erdogan is now planning his future victories all the way to Mecca after he ethnically cleanses Afrin. I’m sure the Iranians are rejoicing.

The US claims it intends to remain in Syria. Its betrayal of its Syrian ally may put that in jeopardy but I am addressing only the legal right of the US to be in Syria in contrast to the right of the SDF to be there and defend Syria from the invasion.

US claims it is threatened by the very parties listed on the 2001 AUMF that Trump just gave cart blanch to for the murder our Kurdish, Christians and Yazidi allies. We claim that Syria is unable to function as a state so we can step in without Assad’s permission to fight the islamist enemy. The same enemy that Trump just green lighted to kill our allies.

That is no legal justification for US to be in Syria. The US fall back justification is that the sole functioning democratic government qualified to participate per the Geneva Communique, the SDF, has invited the US to stay.  At least for now. Beyond that, the US, like Turkey, is simply a trespasser.

But what about the Kurds? They unlike the US, Turkey or its Jihadist ally forces are actually Syrians. They unlike US, Turkey and Jihadists have an inherent right of civil defense, in Syria.  But that inherent right of self defense when attacked by a neighboring aggressor under international law includes the right to bring the war to the aggressor. Every state has that right.

In counties like Syria where the state ceases to function to protect its citizens, as the US claims as the basis for its right to be in Syria, the right of territorial self defense falls to the militia like the SDF.  That’s international law generally but moreover specifically the law under Article I, Sec. 10 of the US Constitution that gives each sovereign united American state the absolute right to make war if the Presidency fails in performing its Constitutional duty to defend from invasion.

If the SDF has the power to give the US authority to be in Syria, the SDF has the right to self defense unlimited like any other sovereign power. Turkey may want to consider the cost of a protracted war with Syria especially if some part of that war is fought on Turkish soil.