Will evidence #Erdogan attacked the #SDF, a US ally, bring @RealDonaldTrump Down? Did Trump okay it?

Turkey has been moving forces around the Syrian border for some time.  Monday night the Turkish Air Force likely using US build F-16s, dropping US made bombs, attacked the YBŞ and PKK sites in Sinjar.  The PKK remains a US listed Foreign Terrorist Organization (“FTO”).  The Yazidis YBŞ is not a list FTO.

Preliminary reports are that one of two target sites was around Sinjar the bombing was near Yazidis refugee sites on the mountain where the Yazdis took refuge from ISIS.  The YBŞ are the home defense force of the surviving Yazidis in Sinjar who were the victims of an indisputable act of ISIS genocide.  Last night their militia were attacked because of there proximity to the PKK.  In my opinion possibly at the orders of Al Baghdadi.

In addition to the attacks in Iraq that included the non-FTO YBŞ, there are many credible reports that the Turkish Air Force also bombed an area of  North Eastern Syria occupied by a US ally the #SDF.  YPG and YPJ that are not FTO’s are part of the #SDF a US ally fighting ISIS under the congressional authority contained in the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (“AUMF”).  US forces are routinely embedded near YPG YPJ forces.  So there is a chance that US  forces came under fire too. In my view the attack on the #SDF could make out a cognizable act of war against the US.

Turkey will say they attacked the PKK that US has listed but Turkey also considers the term PKK to include the YPG  & YPJ who are in the SDF and are not listed FTO’s.   So when Trump said to Erdogan, “let’s kill some PKK terrorists,” was he aware he was authorizing killing our allies in the SDF who are not a listed FTO?

Though he touts being a great deal maker, Trump has likely never had a call with somebody like Erdogan.   Barack Obama cursed poor Joe Biden with the thankless task of talking to the Great Prevaricator Erdogan.

There was something in the read out of the Trump-Erdogan call, widely attacked for its brevity.   Look at the end. “All groups that use terrorism. .  .”  That’s the magic, “kill all the Kurds you want” language that Erdogan needed.

Did Trump, the dumb guy from Queens, fall for it? Or was he in on it all along?

At best, Trump was taken by Erdogan in the call.  Made to look a fool. That’s the best that can be said for Trump.   The worst?

He committed treason.

In #Zarrab #Atilla case in NYC, minute entry regarding 3rd Superseding Indictment arraignment. #Erdogan

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Richard M. Berman: Arraignment as to Reza Zarrab (1) Count 1sss,2sss,3sss,4sss and Mehmet Hakan Atilla (5) Count 2,3 held on 4/13/2017. AUSAs David Denton, Sid Kamaraju and Dean Sovolos present; Also present is FBI agents McReynolds and Geissler; Defendant Reza Zarrab present with defense attorneys Benjamin Brafman and Erich Ferrari; Defendant Mehmet Hakan Atilla with defense attorneys Victor Rocco and Thomas Thornhill; Turkish Interpreter George Esayan present for both defendants; Court Reporter Pamela Utter present; Defendants arraigned on S3 Indictment; Defendants waive a public reading and enter pleas of not guilty; Counsel for defendant Atilla to submit a letter by 4/21/17 re: Curcio hearing scheduled for 4/24/17 re: defendant Zarrab; Court will also hold a conference on 4/24/17 at 9:30 am re: scheduling (including any proposed change in the trial schedule); Counsel for defendant Atilla to submit information related to Atilla Curcio matters including attorney/law firm representation of victim banks and Republic of Turkey by 5/1/17; Curcio hearing for defendant Atilla scheduled for 5/18/17 at 9:30 am; speedy trial time is excluded for the reasons set forth on the record from 4/13/17 to 8/21/17 pursuant to 18 USC 3161(h)(7)(A) and (B). (bw)

Deniz Yıldızı 2017 naval exercise has ended on 7th April 2017

Deniz Yıldızı 2017 naval exercise has ended on 7th April 2017 and participating warships are returning to their home bases. Live missile firings made this year’s event will one of the best remembered. During the second phase of the exercise between 31 March and 3 April, in total 6 warships and one submarine launched 8 missiles. […]

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#Trump’s Action in Search of a Strategy. Here you go Mr. President. @realdonaldtrump

Seeing his poll numbers plummet, Donald Trump did what GOP presidents do: attack somebody.  But looking closer at the actual strike and the fact that contrary to his “I don’t tip my hand” comments during the campaign, Trump told the Russians and presumably Assad that we were coming.  

Assad is a butcher and a war criminal but like Saddam he heads the military that will be necessary to govern when he is gone. We destroyed the Iraqi military and are still picking up the pieces of the broken state.   

Simply stated, Trump has no strategy in Syria. Other than doing exactly what Barack Obama had already begun in the final weeks of his presidency, arming the SDF and providing a modest support force, Trump has articulated no individual policy in Syria. 

When the jihadists were driven out of Aleppo most went to Idlib to increase the number of anti-democratic religious extremists there. Turkey, along with Gulf Arab states are attempting to establish a Sharia Islamist Sunni state in Syria. This policy was advanced by Hillary Clinton and within days of her loss this policy was fully reversed by President Obama.  Now it appears President Trump is signaling his intent to adopt this same flawed Clinton policy. 

The US has conducted a number of airstrikes on the same people that Assad is fighting. Now, by attacking Assad in what amounts to a publicity stunt, Trump has succeeded in being at war with just about everyone in Western Syria. 

One of the rare successes of US and Russian policy in Syria was the adoption of the Geneva Communique that can be reduced to a simple rule: The resulting government in Syria must be Democratic and Secular.  The Islamist rebel forces that Turkey and the Gulf states support are neither.   In a multicultural Syria the creation of a Sunni dictatorship that will sweep through the minority areas in a massive bloodbath of retribution can not form the basis for a policy.  Whatever happens in Syria, the Syrian Armed forces must play a role in its future for it to have a future. 

Russia is a venal criminal enterprise that seeks to project power, rehabilitate the lost geopolitical standing of the USSR and steal any beach front property it can. But Russia has a fragile economy.  In this modern world the US’ greatest  power sits in the building next to the White House. The Treasury Department with its massive balance sheet is worth 1000 aircraft carriers. 

No rational person would argue that Assad can remain.  He survives because Russia protects him. The US could reverse the long standing prohibition on political assassinations and remove him but in a world infected with the Russian crime state that is likely to commence a period of international gangland killings. But consistent with the Godfather model, the Putin crime family have to be the ones to remove Assad. 

To begin the end of the bloodshed in Syria, Russia must be declared anathema. Dual use embargo plus immediate ban from SWIFT.  Diplomats expelled, travel restricted and a crack down on all Russian organized crime.   Impair the Russian State’s crime syndicate’s ability to launder its dirty money through western monetary system.  Make it clear that the removal of Assad and support for a clear transition from his rule will promptly reverse the sanctions. 

Once Assad and his family are gone from Syria, the UN should enter the country to establish the Democratic secular government envisioned in the Geneva Communique. States like Turkey and Saudi Arabia must accept that Syria will remain a secular state. If they don’t then they should be the next counties to target with crushing sanctions.