1. House Judiciary GOP loose cannon Doug Collins released nine secret transcripts. Here they all are.

6.21.18 Giacalone Interview_Redacted

8.24.18 Moffa Interview_Redacted DJ

10.23.18 Moyer Interview_Redacted DJ

12.21.17 McCabe Interview_Redacted

081618 Toscas Transcript_Redacted

083118 Anderson Interview_Redacted

092818 Sweeney Interview_Redacted

Lynch Interview 12-19-18

Rybicki 011818 Interveiw_Redacted


All nine in one pdf.  


I think this #Mueller case slid through the cracks. Vaguely recall but was reported to be Natsec Div in Pittsburg. Took my eye off the ball. #Mueller discussed it. I missed it. I just spotted it in Stone’s filing. #Netyksho (“Knee tick show”) @maddow @maddowbog

Pages from 20190510 (100) Stone-Motion-to-Suppress Netyksho intictmentPages from 20190510 (100) Stone-Motion-to-Suppress Netyksho indictmentPages from report volume 1 OCR Mueller reportPages from Mueller Report volume 1

20190510 Twitter search for Netyksho

201180713 (1) Indictment


Link to OCR’d excerpt from the #MuellerReport Judge Berman-Jackson ordered she get without redactions.

Oops. Didn’t get all the pages. Here it is again.

Pages from report volume 1 OCR-2 Judge Berman Jackson no 2

MINUTE ORDER as to ROGER JASON STONE, JR. In connection with the Court’s consideration of the defendant’s motion 70 to compel production of the Special Counsel’s report and the opposition thereto 94 , and in light of the statements of counsel at the status hearing held in this case on April 30, 2019, the government is hereby ORDERED to submit unredacted versions of those portions of the report that relate to defendant Stone and/or “the dissemination of hacked materials,” including, but not limited to, pages 41-65 of Volume 1 of the Report, to the Court for in camera review by May 13, 2019, and to docket a notice on that date indicating compliance with this order. Signed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on 5/9/19. (DMK) (Entered: 05/09/2019)