Dear @RealDonaldTrump @seanspicer want #Trump to be a success? A hero? Here’s how. First, dump Bannon and Miller along with the Breitbart clown show especially in the National Security space. Second, tell the GOP you will establish a single payer health care system like you promised. It’s easy. Just mark up Medicare to tax all US tax payers at 10% of all income and seize the drug companies gaming the generic drug system. Allow insurance companies that don’t interfere to become part of the administration of the expanded system or be dissolved. For the drug companies who are taken through eminent domain, let them fight for compensation in federal court. Offset their massive Sherman Act price fixing liability along with the criminal exposure for their D&O. You will immediately get 190 Democrats and only need about 25 Republicans to pass it out of the House. This will give a tax cut to all employers of about 1.45% plus take away any contribution for Medical insurance from employers or unions. You’d be a hero except to the billionaires in the hedge fund industry or the folks like the Kochs who will have to pay a very high amount of income for healthcare. But the Kochs and their servants like Ryan and McConnell only want to use you and don’t care for your legacy. The choice is yours. Leave you family the legacy of an American aristocrat or the legacy of another politician who lied to get elected.